Our house is beautifully set at Rottach-Egern in the south of Bavaria at the foot of the Alpes. In earlier times this area was reknown for its benedictinian monastery (founded 748 a.D.) with its library of medieval fame and also its vineyards.
The charm of these times can still be appreciated. Artists have been attracted by the picturesque surroundings for their inspiration (including Ludwig Thoma, Ludwig Ganghofer, Olaf Gulbransson, Wilhelm Furtwängler, Karl Stieler, Hans Pfitzner, etc.). Today Tegernsee is loved as one of the most beautiful places in Germany with its magnificent lake in subalpine surroundings. For those interested in the arts, the Tegernsee offers numerous concerts and exhibitions all through the year.
The unique beauty of the landscape will make your visit a memorable one.

It's a pleasure for us to welcome you !
Shahnaz and Franz Schabmair

Shahnaz und Franz Schabmair
Schwaighofstraße 89 
D-83684 Tegernsee-Süd / Germany
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